Monday, September 20, 2010

Answering the Call

Most days I am learning to first start my day off with asking God to direct my thoughts and my actions. I ask to be lead in everyway way from what to do, who to serve, who do I need to connect to, what do I need to read and so on. From that point on, I then just listen and take direction and get into action. Answering the call or the direction I get from my higher power puts me in a place of peace and joy. I can surrender to what HE wants of me and throw out the agendas I seem to impose on myself at times. I have found it doesn't work so well when I try and control any kind of outcome. Sometimes I find myself spinning in my head and in those moments I learn to just let go and let God take over. I can't say it's always easy and many times, I have to pull out several different tools to finally surrender it but it works.

See I believe that anytime I try and control anything in my life, I soon realize I have NO CONTROL over anything so I choose to sit back and listen to the direction God gives me and then go to work doing what I am asked to do. Sometimes it's those tiny little thoughts of calling someone or researching something that turn out to be the most AMAZING blessing. I can't tell you how many times in the last couple of weeks I have just been amazed with who I have been lead to. The blessings are there, you just have to choose to ask, then listen for the messages and then ANSWER THE CALL.

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