Friday, September 24, 2010

First day into this writing my book process and.......

I am up at 5 am. What's up with that? I am not a morning person at all. As a matter of fact I went to bed at 12:30 last night and usually don't wake up til one of my sponsees calls me at 6:45 am. So maybe Og Mandino's principles are in full blown motion now as I am waking up with more vigor for the day. I am not tired and ready to take on the day. I do have to admit that even though I live alone it's just more peaceful in these early  morning hours than at night. When I was writing my outline for my book last night the content just seemed to keep flowing and I could have stayed up all night filling in the gaps of the outline with stories and memories of what my life used to be like 130 lbs ago. This has been quite a journey I have been on and I am excited to see where it leads me now. I know that for me, it's all about giving back ... lifting others... and knowing that God will put me where I need to be to touch another's life.

I am having so many experiences happen daily where I have shared part of my own recovery with someone and they have come back to me and said that what I shared with them has totally changed their life. I know that these experiences I have are not of me. God has put others in my life to teach  me these simple principles and I am just passing them on.

As I have been working the Og Mandido principles... I have see yet another shift in my life. I am waking up with a new outlook on life. A life of abundance rather than scarcity. Looking back I realize much of my life, I have always felt like I would loose everything all the time so I clung onto it all. Now I am learning to let go... give away and share what it is that I have so that I can allow things to flow easily through me. I pray for opportunities to give out.... rather than to take from people. I often will send out energetically good energy to those I tend to resist. I feel this helps heal me of any judgements I may have. I believe we are all connected and that we can feel and affect others in a very real way with the thoughts we have towards them. If I gift good will to others.. I have good will gifted to me. It's just what I have experienced.

As I learn to understand my subconscious and conscious thoughts, I learn to make choices based on those thoughts being in balance or not balanced. This is where the Og Mandino assessment is soo important. It's a tool I am using to measure my thoughts. You can go to and take it for free if you would like. It was very powerful for me when I learned to understand my own thought processes.

Well, I am off for a weekend with the girls in the mountains so do something for yourself whether it be big or small. Learn to take care of this body that God has given you which houses your spirit. You matter to me and to God. God Bless!

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