Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Been an Exciting Day

Everyday I am soo surprised by the many gifts God gives me. It doesn't mean I always have good days but the more I look for the gifts, the more they show up. I get to meet soo many powerful  people everyday and it just keeps amazing me how truth is truth even though we may all have different journeys that have brought us to it. It's fun to connect with people who understand and get what I am learning. The more I study the Og Principles, the more I am proud to be associated with the Og Mandino group because these principles that we teach are sound lasting principles.

We learned about how to connect with people last night on our coaching call. What a gift to be reminded of this blessing we can give to others to make them feel heard and validated. We all seek that in life. It wasn't long ago that I felt totally alone in this world in many ways. I know how it feels for me when other's are willing to take the time to truly listen to me and allow me the open space to feel what I do at any given moment of my life. I am practicing this skill and I have a ways to go but grateful for this time I have to be coached through it by Dave Blanchard.

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