Thursday, June 10, 2010


I have listened to this talk 4 times in a last couple of weeks. One of the greatest things I am learning right now is patience. My addict wants what it wants when it wants it and it wants it now. As I get healthier and healthier I am learning that patience is a Godly attribute. There are great blessings to those who are willing to wait. I didn't just wake up one day and find myself 125 lbs lighter. It took me being willing to turn my will over to God each day for the last year in a half. One day at a time. I can't begin to think of doing this everyday of my life or else it's too overwelming. For today only I choose to be healthy and to make wise choices and someday I will be further along the journey than I am right now.

I am learning to live in the present. Whenever I find myself thinking about the past or dreaming of the future, I bring myself to the present where I am grateful for the many blessings I have. Even as I type this, I am grateful for the instrumental music I am playing, the low light, the clean kitchen, and the beautiful peaceful energy that surrounds me in my place.

As with anything in life, patience is required to gain the great reward at the end. I have found as I learn to delay instant gratification, it frees me up to make healthy choices. I don't always do this but I am a lot more conscience of this addict of mine that wants things now. As I acknowledge these urges more and more... I then begin to see that I can better make healthy decisions. I am no longer a slave to those urges.

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