Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Waiting for a miracle... or "BEING" the miracle

How often in our lives do we wait.. for something amazing to happen. I know have. As I sit here and listen to a song.. by David Wilcox, I am reminded that I need to be the miracle in my own life. I first have to find the miracle within myself in order for me to be in true integrity in being service to others.

Why is it that we think that some external being or experience is what will finally make it all right for us to move forward in our lives? Do we not have the agency to make whatever it is happen that we choose to? What keeps us stuck where we are and afraid to take risks to move in a positive manner and create unity and success in our lives? These are all questions I am pondering today.

As I am about to go into another weekend of training, I can't help but think what is it that I have created or not created in the last 4 weeks? For me, so many lessons have come my way. I have learned that I can stand up for what I believe, that I can learn to accept myself exactly where I am at any given moment, that other's are an important part of my journey, it's important for me to focus soley on what it is that I can do to contribute to our team, that I hide behind a wall of words at times and that I need to just "BE" the example and not talk about it, that showing up matters, that I am a beautiful person inside and out, it's ok to be ME, inpiring people doesn't have much to do with what I say but what I do, that resistance is part of the process of life and I have a choice on how I deal with it and I have the choice to surrender or not any given moment of my life.

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