Sunday, July 11, 2010

Gifts life gives me

Life sometimes gives us things that are painful for us to experience but through that pain is how we grow. For me, for many years I used food to cover up those painful feelings and now I just allow those feelings to address me and then hold on as they pass through me. I can't say it's always easy ... but at least I feel them, acknowledge them and then surrender them to God. I come out the other end of it all stronger. It has helped me in many ways to have an amazing support team and many tools I have picked up along the way to help through it all. Core emotions are God given and until I realized that I didn't need to shame myself for feeling what I was feeling.. I am FREE! Free from the bondage I was keeping myself in. No one can make me suffer. It is my choice only to allow myself to stay in that place.

I was listening to an interview last night as I drove home late from Salt Lake where the lady said that she has learned to just say "NO MORE" to self hatred, to self doubt to pitty and to other negative thoughts we have. I love that. There is power in saying "NO MORE!"

Today I am in such gratitude for these lessons I am learning on a daily basis. It's these beautiful gifts of self love that I am learning were always there for me to partake of... I just wasn't ready to pick them up and embrase them into my life.

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