Saturday, July 31, 2010

Being of service to others

Have you ever thought how interesting it is...that when we are in the service of others we end up receiving soooo much more back. I love how much fun it is to serve and inspire and know it's not me that allows for those opportunities. Each day I run into mini miracles as I come in contact with people who get inspired by my story. My story is just God's story through me of hope and of love for all people. I am learning through my own experiences that I am only able to see in others what it is that I see within myself. As I got inspired today to do more volunteer work, it just filled my soul with excitement about what I will be able to experience.

I remember once talking to my homeopathic about this absolute Joy I felt as I woke up every morning and looked at the mountains. I asked him if there was something wrong with me for being so Joyful. I explained to him that my father was bipolar and I was worried that this joyfulness was somehow manic he replied saying to me.. "Don't you get it... we are suppose to feel those feelings?" I was taken back by that. Was I somehow dying a slow death where I thought feeling joy in my life was somehow bad or manic? Well, that was the beginning of a long journey of joyful moments in my life. I still thank God for these beautiful mountains that surround me. There is an energy about them that brings life into my life. Being in nature for me is healing. This is why I am so passionate about bringing people to nature and allowing them to experience for themselves the healing power that is there for them.

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