Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Value of a soul

I had a conversation the other day with a friend where he asked me what my greatest accomplishment was in my life. I rattled off some exciting accomplishment I made with my team at work last year and left it at that. As he began to tell me all the things in chronological order that he had accomplished I began to think what was it that I have done to top his great accomplishments. This worried me a bit. That night as I began my evening prayers, my mind was fixated on our conversation we had had earlier.

Why is it that we base our value on things we have done in our life? This started my mind going in soo many different directions. I got out of bed and began writing an email to my friend. I started off by telling him that all those accomplishments he rattled off were not important. I believe we were born into this world valuable and regardless of what we make of our lives, it doesn't change the fact that we are of great value. It is when we put meaning to those accomplishments or talents or status that we get ourselves in trouble.

As I was driving to work the next morning, I saw every person I passed in a different way. I began to notice that even though they may be overweight, smoking, thin, beautiful or average looking.. it just didn't matter anymore. Maybe this was my God thing for that day. I began seeing people as God sees them. Of course we all have the right to make certain choices but it still doesn't change the fact that God loves us all regardless of our societal status.

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  1. I'm grateful to Kim F. for giving me your blog information. I grew up in the bay area as well (Novato in Marin County). I've been on quite a journey especially this last year and you seem to have similar thoughts to share. Thank you for sharing your gift. We live in a world with not enough hope. I know I need help with hope. I have had a similar experience of having moments where I saw others through God's eyes. In those moments I was unable to criticize anyone. I saw or more like felt how much God loved them.