Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Living life on purpose

I used to just react to anything and everything and give all kinds of excuses of why I would react to any given thing. I never would show any kind of restraint at all and then would blame others for how I reacted. I since now am learning what is mine and what is someone elses. I take ownership for those things in my life that I create. I identify those things that trigger me and allow myself to feel the deep emotion associated with that trigger. I hold my tongue and allow my thoughts to ponder. I seek for guidance before reacting to a situation. I know the more that I am aware of what I am experiencing the more I have the opportunity of learning from it and acting the way I feel rather than feeling in bondage to just react. I am grateful for the difference in my life because I am no longer a victim to what happens in my life, rather I am someone that is proactive in my thoughts and actions and quite intentional about what I do. I am intentional about the relationships I develop and the resentments I need to let go. I can’t change what I don’t acknowledge and acknowledging is the first step to true recovery for me.

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