Saturday, September 24, 2011

MIRACLES.. in the works

The last couple of days I have spent hours on the phone interviewing people who have struggled with weight their entire life. Can I just say .. my heart breaks for them as well as I remember so clearly like it was yesterday how it felt to live a life in such bondage. I have to say, I am humbled greatly by the opportunity of being a support for this first initial group of NEXT SUCCESS stories. It's just amazing to me as I read more and more statistics of the millions of people suffering. I find myself often the last couple f days, having to take a deep breathe and realize that I am just ONE person and that in order for me to help I need stay very close to God because he is the ultimate miracle worker... I am just a mere instrument.

I tell people when I start working with them that this is their journey to take .. not mine, meaning I am not going to do the work for them but I will support them in anyway I can. Often times I think we want to take other's problems onto ourselves but what that ends up doing is then weighing us down and keeps us from truly taking care of ourselves.


The beautiful thing about Miracles is that they are all around us everyday if we choose to open our eyes to them. We tend to think that Miracles have to be huge. There are soo  many little tender mercies I experience all the time. As it pertains to weight loss, I tend to believe that any success is a miracle. I can't wait to start hearing the stories of the people as they begin to discover who they truly are and wake up to their absolute brilliance in them. It's like unwrapping a PRICELESS GIFT. When I speak to groups I tell them that I had no idea that this pretty girl was in me. It's true. All the weight was hiding who I truly was. I believe there is beauty in ALL people. I am excited to see the transformations and what a gift it is for me to be apart of that.

I also have to mention what I am learning as I begin this new journey. Just as I had to have the support around me to be successful at my weight loss, I am learning it's just as important for me to have the support around me to succeed in other areas of my life. I have found an AMAZING group of people who are helping me be the best I can be so that I can help more people. It's so important. I am so grateful for the man in my life who encourages me, who supports me and who helps me remember who I am when my doubts and fears come up. I can't stress enough what a gift it is to know that these angels in my life will hold me up as I reach down to help others up.

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